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Counting Worksheets

Click on the counting worksheet set you wish to view below.

  1. Color and Number
  2. Counting and Comparing
  3. Count and Write Numbers
  4. Counting by Numbers
  5. Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s
  6. Counting Coins
  7. Counting Sets of Numbers 2 to 5
  8. Counting the Number of Objects
  9. Counting with Numbers from Number Range
  10. Counting with Numbers from Zero
  11. Drawing to Count (1-10)
  12. Grouping Numbers
  13. How Many Are There?
  14. Match Numbers to Items
  15. Ordinal Numbers

Make your own counting worksheets with our math makers.

  1. Base 10 Blocks?
  2. Basic Math Worksheet Maker
  3. Basic Operation Math Quiz Maker
  4. Numbers Written as Words

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